Prizes and Rules Derby Luzense 2016


1. Organization
This competition is organized by: Sociedade Columbófila Luzense.
2. Participants / Who can participate
In this Derby can participate National and Foreign Federated Pigeon Fanciers.
3. Conditions and Cost of Registration:
• Only participate in this competition, pigeons with 2016 rings.
• For every 5 pigeons registered the fancier benefited from the free registration of a pigeon
• The registration fee is € 60 (Sixty) Chips for pigeon, allowing them to access the constant prizes in the attached list.
• Registrations will only be considered valid after payment for the registration fee
• Make your registration simply enter the Luzense Derby website, fill in correctly and send. In case of cancellation this amount is not refundable.
• Click here to access the registration form

 4. Payment
Beneficiary: Sociedade Columbófila Luzense
          Bank: Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Sotavento Algarvio / Agência Luz de Tavira
          For transfers in Portugal
                    NIB: 0045 7141 4000 2738 6252 9
          For transfers in foreign
                    IBAN: PT 50 0045 7141 4000 2738 6252 9
                    SWIFT / BIC: CCCMPTPL
5. Date for Receipt of pigeons / Accommodation / Treatment / Means for Delivery

• The reception of the pigeons takes place from 1 March to 30 April 2016 inclusive and shall be accompanied by the respective certificate of ownership (required) and Pedigree, with the address, telephone number and participant's email so that they can be contacted at if necessary.
• The pigeons have to accompany the pedigree, the property title registration and payment.
• After delivered to the loft, the pigeons are in the care of the Luzense Derby organization and become your property.
• Delivery will be combined, ponctually, with the Organization, through our contacts:

Collectivity: 281 961 763 from a 9.00pm hours
Largo do Mercado, S / N - 8800-114 Luz de Tavira

Marcelino Teixeira 962010602
Humberto Afonso 927 989 503
Filipe Agostinho 966 251 734
The reception will be in Sociedade Columbófila Luzense or combined with those responsible
• The transport can be done by bus to Central of Tavira, always informing the Organization of Nº password and estimated time of arrival.
• Through specialized companies for that purpose.
• Pigeons for adduction should be aged between 30 to 45 days and should be vaccinated against Newcastle in the 10 days prior to shipment to the Derby Luzense and will be housed in the loft of the same Derby, and its treatment, adduction and preparation, accountability of Derby Luzense.
6. Adduction / Loss - Replacement.
• In case of death, disability, accident or loss of the Pigeon, the participant may replace the pigeon until May 15, 2016.
7. Schedule and Transport for Training and Testing Day:
• The Event and Training day schedule will be announced on Luzense Derby Site.
• The Transport for release sites will be carried out on the vehicle of the Sociedade Columbófila Luzense.
• All training and evidence to dispute and time may be changed due to weather conditions or other unrelated to the organization. The organization's decision is final.
8. ACE Pigeon.
• For qualifying ACE Pigeons will count every session made from 110 kms, inclusive, and the final test. The Qualifying shall be made through the points system.
• To win, the Ace pigeon has to participate in the final.
• The pigeons that do not return in realization time in the final test will not be included in this competition.
9. Final Competition.
• The final competition will be made to 14 August 2016, proof bottom middle distance +/- 400 Kms.
10. Arrival / Derby - Auction
• After the finish of the race will be able to proceed to auction some pigeons.
• From 1st to 3rd, the owner is entitled to be able to place two (2) free pigeons in the next year.
• From 4th to 30th place, the owner is entitled to be able to place one (1) free pigeon in the next year.
If the pigeon fancier has no pedigree can make your impression on Luzense Derby Site.
The arrival of realization system of pigeons in training and testing is an authorized electronic system.
11. Finish Awards Showdown until after 50 advert (inclusive)

Rating ______________ Awards

1st                                      € 15,000
2nd                                   € 7,000
3rd                                    € 3,000
4th                                    € 1,500
5th                                       € 750
6th - 10th                           € 300
11th – 15th                        € 200
16th ­-  20th                        € 150
21th – 25th                        € 100
26th – 50th                       1 free registration derby 2017
The prize money will be subject to stamp duty at the rate in force.
The prize table applies for a minimum participation of 800 pigeons.
(If entries do not reach this number, the premiums will be calculated in proportion to the number of registered.)
12. Awards for ACE Pigeon.

Rating ______________ Awards

1st                                      € 1,500
2nd                                     € 1,000
3rd                                         € 500
The prize money will be subject to stamp duty at the rate in force.

Winners from training that count for the Ace Pigeon will be entitled to free registration of 2 (two) pigeons to the edition 2017

13. Premiums.
• The prize table applies for a minimum participation of 800 pigeons.
• (The free registration will not be considered)
• If it is found registrations below the indicated, the prizes will be recalculated in proportion to the number in subscribers of pigeons.
14. Prize Giving.
Prizes will be awarded to participants present in the Derby and may also be paid by check or bank transfer.
For the purpose it is important that the address or details of bank NIB should be correctly filled in the Registration Form.

15. Omissions Cases.

• All cases shall be resolved by the Direction of Sociedade Columbófila Luzense, in accordance with the provisions of National Competition Rules.

• Any event source to conflict, not covered by this Regulation shall be resolved by the organization, governed by the national laws of Portugal, and this decision is final. The Official Rules will be in the Portuguese Language and posted on the event website, because any translation into another language, may have understanding errors.